Organic Microgreens Container Garden Kit

Organic Microgreens Container Garden Kit

Microgreens Organic Container Gardening. Ecofriendly Seed Starting Kit. Healthy microgreens. Easy indoor garden. Beginner gardener’s kit. Fast growing 🌿MICROGREENS - Great for beginner gardeners!- Low light plants. Great for apartments and kitchen windows.  - Healthy, Antioxident Rich. Use in soups, stews, stir-frys, salads. Add to smoothies and use as a garnish. - Cut and regrow plants several times.ℹ️Microgreens are young vegetable  seedlings harvested less than 14 days after planting the seeds. Scientific studies have shown that they have up to 40 times more nutrients than the mature plant. Plus they are quick and easy to grow indoor and in low light. A perfect choice for those just getting started or anyone excited to boost their health in a hurry!  📦KIT INCLUDES:  3 seed sachets with Hortiki Original blend of organic microgreen seeds. 🍂Three varieties great for fall/winter: kale, tatsoi, and a colorful blend of swiss chard and beets.	3 biodegradable pots	3 biodegradable water catchment trays	2 bags of organic potting soil	3 Bamboo Name Stakes	Growing instructions, recipes, fun facts and access to one-on-one photo/video plant health technical support. 🌎Kit contents sourced from North America.
    • QUALITY SOURCED SEEDS – 100% USDA Certified Organic seed (and soil)! 
    • SMALL SPACE varieties. Selection of seeds specifically chosen to flourish in small spaces and CONTAINER GARDENS.
    • Three packets of high nutrient microgreen seeds.
    • Updated for Fall/Winter 2020:
      • Kale
      • Beets/Swiss Chard blend
      • Tatsoi



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