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Level 5: Patio Melons

Hortiki Plants Level 5: Patio Melon Kit ( Small Variety Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe)


Crisp delicious watermelon, sweet luscious cantaloupes and honeydews - this kit is all about growing the juicy, ripe melons you've been waiting for all year.



  • 3 Biodegradable Pots
  • 3 biodegradable water catchment trays
  • 2 bags of organic potting soil
  • 3 Plant Markers
  • 3 seed sachets with organic seeds
  • Growing Instructions with recipes, fun facts and more.

*Kit contents sustainably sourced from North America.


  • QUALITY SOURCED SEEDS SUPPORTING A GREAT CAUSE–  100% USDA Certified Organic seed (and soil)!. Seeds sourced from Seed Savers - a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity. We love to support great organizations and bring you the best possible materials.


    SMALL SPACE varieties. Selection of seeds specifically chosen to flourish in small spaces and CONTAINER GARDENS.


    French Charentais  Cantaloupe Melon: Charentis, is a perfect starter melon for those trying to grow melons in containers for the first time. Small in size but not in flavor, this melon has its roots in the Poitou-Charentes region of France. Melons are small, weighing approximately 2 pounds and fruit is sweet, juicy, fragrant, and utterly delicious! 75-90 days seed to harvest.


    'Oliver's' Pearl Cluster Honeydew: Growing on small 2 ft plants, this bush-type honeydew is highly recommended for small spaces and containers  Often refereed to as having the best among all small melons. 90 days seed to harvest. 


    Blacktail Mountain Watermelon: Don’t be afraid to give watermelon a try  - even in a container garden. This variety produces round, green-black fruits weighing only  6-12 pounds. The flesh is a deep, beautiful, bright fuschia that is sweet, juicy, and crisp. 65-75 days seed to harvest.