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Baby Greens

Lettuce Window Garden. Ecofriendly Seed Starting Kit. Organic Container Gardening. Healthy baby salad greens. Easy indoor garden. Beginner garden kit.




Quickly become a year round gardener with the Hortiki Plants Baby Greens Salad Kit.


Baby Greens are young, nutrient rich salad greens that are easy to grow indoors and in low light. With Hortiki's step-by-step instructions you'll be able to say goodbye to slimy bags of salad forever. Grow fresh, pick fresh, eat fresh, right from your windowsill. 


Hortiki Plants' Level 2 Baby Greens Kit includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START GROWING your Fresh, Nutritious Baby Greens in one kit.



3 coconut coir seed starter pellets

3 biodegradable transition pots

3 biodegradable water catchment trays

2 bags of organic potting soil

3 Bamboo Name Stakes

3 seed sachets with organic seeds (spinach, arugula, baby beet greens)

Growing instructions, recipes, fun facts and access to one-on-one photo/video plant health technical support.

*Kit contents sourced from North America.

    • QUALITY SOURCED SEEDS SUPPORTING A GREAT CAUSE–  100% USDA Certified Organic seed (and soil)!. Seeds sourced from Seed Savers - a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity. We love to support great organizations and bring you the best possible materials.


    • SMALL SPACE varieties. Selection of seeds specifically chosen to flourish in small spaces and CONTAINER GARDENS.


    • Arugula

    • Baby beet greens

    • Spinach