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Kids Winter Gardening Kit

Kids Container Gardening Kit. Packed with educational games and kids activities. Perfect gift for boys & girls. Science kit for kids who love plants!


Agriculture is FUNdamental!


Think you can go a day without agriculture? Think again! Through the games and projects included in this kit, kids can explore the world of agriculture through science, art, puzzles, and more. They'll even be able to start their own AGventure with seeds and containers to start their own fall garden. 


 (Suggested for grades 3-5) 



  • 3 biodegradable pots
  • 3 biodegradable water catchment trays
  •  2 bags of organic potting soil
  • 3 seed sachets with organic seeds
  • Hardcover Book “Plants as Food, Fuel, and Medicine” by Julie K. Ludgrenn (Publisher Rourke Educational Media). This 24 page hardcover book illustrates how critical plants are to the earth and every aspect of our existence. Kids will learn how plants are used, not only for food but as fuel, in medicine, and in keeping the earth functioning.
  • 14 page Hortiki Plants’ Kids AGtivity Book with puzzles, jokes, fun facts, kid-friendly growing instructions and more!     
  • Hortiki Kids Reading Club Guide. Book suggestions on the theme of agriculture, along with book report activities.
  • AgMatch Game Cards
  • Colored Pencils
  • 100% Cotton Kids Drawstring Backpack
  •  ***Personalize for special occasions with your AGmazing Kid's name!
    BONUS: Vegetable scrubber so kids can grow, prep, and cook their home grown veggies!
    • QUALITY SEEDS SUPPORTING A GREAT CAUSE–  100% USDA Certified Organic seed (and soil)! Seeds sourced from Seed Savers - a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity. Hortiki Plants loves to support great organizations and bring you the best possible materials.
      • Varieties perfect for kids and container gardens:
      • Lettuce, Carrots, and Beets

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