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Do you know what to plant when? Do you start you summer vegetable seeds in spring and plant your spring flowers in fall? Keeping ahead of the seasons has been one of my biggest challenges as a gardener and as an 'plantrepreneur'. This year, I planted watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumber seeds in mid-summer - right on time. I had pictures in August showing how well they were growing. I felt excited to encourage others with small balconies like mine to give these fruits a try. Everything I wanted my business to be was happening right on schedule.

My plants are still doing great! But now it's September. People are looking ahead. No one is going to plant watermelon now. I need to be sharing pictures and videos of fall and winter crops. I need to show them how their spring flowers will turn out if they plant them now. My planting schedule needs to be several months ahead so I have the materials I need to teach. I need examples to inspire them. Pictures, and videos, and plants to give away in contests and events. How did I go from being right on time to months behind?!


So yeah. If there is anything I can relate to new gardeners about it's timing.

This 'Effortless Series' is here to help beginner, small-space, container, and indoor gardeners. (And struggling but persistent plantrepreneurs). I want to take the worry out of garden planning. I don't want you to ever feel left behind.

Each month I'll publish a list of what to purchase and plant that month and I'll be sure to leave a wide margin. For example, in September's list, I included spring flowers. You can start shopping for those in late summer/early fall. But if you didn't get to it in September, that's okay. Spring bulbs are also on the lists in October and November, because you can plant these bulbs throughout the fall season. (Especially if you are planting in containers, which you can do even after the ground freezes). This type of flexibility will be built into the lists as much as possible so you will have plenty of time.

Doesn't that make your whole body relax in bliss?

I hope so! I want to make it easy for you to simply follow the monthly guide and create a delightful plantscape year-round.


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Yearlong Plants-At-A-Glance Calendar

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Need additional advice or resources? Have another suggestion or just want to let me know how your garden's growing? Leave a comment below. Hortiki and I are here to help!

Plant Love for Life,


Founder, Hortiki Plants

P.S. Want to create a fabulous year-round plantscape but not yet ready to dive in? Follow the Live Your Best Plant Life Series to discover what’s holding you back.

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