5 Steps to Simplify Your Garden Prep Steps 1-3: Relax, Dream, & Search Smart

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Hi there Hortikians! If you follow @HortikiPlants on Instagram or Facebook then you know I've started a series on how to simplify your summer garden prep.

Step 1: RELAX! I know it's easy to feel behind when the weather is so warm, the trees are so lush and green, and everywhere you look someone already has plants on their patio. But don't worry - you haven't missed your chance to enjoy a garden this year. Start your season by taking some time to de-stress. Commit to enjoying your gardening process this year from start to finish.

Step 2: DREAM. For many of us, whenever when need to plan, our first reaction is to jump online and start searching for ideas and information. The problem with this is that you can quickly become overwhelmed. A google search of "gardening ideas" yields over 42 million results.

A search of "gardening ideas patio garden" yields over 6 million results.

True, that's not necessarily a bad thing. That many people writing, talking, and photographing gardens? I love that the #Horticulture and #Gardening communities are so active. More plants for the planet? Woo-Hoo! Still, even after carefully defining and narrowing your search terms you are still likely to come up with several thousand hits. I realize you may judge me for this, but I'm going to say it anyway "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

My suggestion for a better start is to DREAM about the garden you want. Think about the flavors, sights, and smells you like best in a garden and this will help clarify and guide your garden planning process.

To simplify things even further, I've created this free worksheet to help.

Download your 5 Steps to Simplify Your Garden Prep: STEP 2 DREAM Worksheet for free and get started happily and easily creating the plant filled live you've always wanted.

That's all for now. STEPS 3-5 coming soon.

Update: May 13, 2018

Step 3: Search Smart is here! Now that you have ideas for your garden, it's time to specify exactly what you will grow. To keep from getting overwhelmed while searching for information be sure to set boundaries for your search process.

I've created another tool to help you along the way. This time a Search Smart Chart to ensure your research is simple, focused, and efficient. Click here to get your free Search Smart Chart and Enjoy!

Plant Love for Life!

Dr. Victoria LeBeaux

Founder, Hortiki Plants IG: @hortikiplants

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